guild of fine artists


Patron: The Right Honourable The Viscount Campden

The Guild of Fine Artists was founded in April 2005 by a group of like-minded artists with the objective of maintaining traditional skills in the production of fine art painting. Membership of the Guild generally is by invitation only and each new Guild member has to go through a selection process including an interview. Once admitted as a member the member will be involved in the selection process for further applications for membership of the Guild. The Guild holds four formal working meetings per year where each memberís current work is examined and discussed as a working artistís group.

Aims and objectives of the Guild

  • To promote, preserve and practice the excellence of craftsmanship associated with the painting of high quality fine art using traditional methods, materials and mediums.

  • To encourage both professional and amateur artists to research, record and publicise such fine art in any traditional medium which Guild members have used in the production of their paintings.

In keeping with the aims of the Guild, images are to be produced entirely by the hand of the artist. Images produced from a computer, machine, camera or any other similar type of aid will not be acceptable for consideration for either membership of the Guild or inclusion in Guild exhibitions.

The use of photographs, plans, models etc where produced or indirectly referred to by the artist for reference purposes for work is permitted within the Guild.

Reproductions, prints and limited editions are not acceptable for inclusion in Guild exhibitions. They may, however, be advertised on the Guild Web Site.